Metal processing
Time:2022-06-15 23:51:56

Metalworking includes rolling, forging, punching, drawing, forming, cutting and grinding. Most metalworking relies on good metalworking fluids, so metalworking fluids are used in large amounts, including fatty acid soaps, hydrocarbon oils, emulsified oils, and aqueous solutions. With the improvement of metal processing requirements, synthetic oils and synthetic metal working fluids need to be used in many occasions to improve the quality of metal processing. Synthetic lubricants used in metalworking fluids include polyalkylene glycols, esters, synthetic hydrocarbons and other synthetic lubricants.

It is mainly a liquid for metal processing, which mainly plays the role of lubrication and cooling, and also has the functions of rust prevention and cleaning. General metalworking fluids include cutting fluid, cutting oil, emulsion, stamping oil, quenching oil, quenching agent, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, antirust oil, cleaning agent, blackening agent, deep drawing oil , thickener, etc. Metalworking cutting fluid is a low-foaming, high-lubricity soluble lubricating oil, which can minimize maintenance costs even in environments with high requirements for machining fluids, and is basically applicable to all types of metals and alloys. It is very effective for general machining of most ferrous metals, especially when machining mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other special steels, it can play an excellent lubricating and cooling effect at the same time.

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