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Time:2022-06-15 23:47:47

   Today, VOTE  Company continues to expand in the fields of lubrication and maintenance, new products emerge in an endless stream, and the market scale is growing year by year. It has formed three competitive advantages in quality, marketing and service. With the rapid development of China's industry and automobile industry,VOTE  Company will seize the Opportunities, continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, become a more professional lubrication company, and be a reliable brand for consumers. VOTE  company will seek common development with colleagues from all walks of life and build brilliant together!

     VOTE Corporation's vision is to be a respected, global, and innovative industrial chemicals company. Gradually form the structure of Shanghai headquarters, Jinan manufacturing center, Guangzhou and Chengdu technical support centers, supporting the development of Water Group in a higher, better and faster direction.

Production center
Address:No. 7, No. 5 road, Longshan Industrial Park, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Operations Center
Address:No. 11, zone 6, shi dai zong bu ji di, Lanxiang Road, Jinan
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