L-UHA/UHB Quenching oil

Name: ordinary quenching oil/quick quenching oil/quick bright quenching oil

Kinematic viscosity (40℃) mm2/s: 28.5/22/29

Flash point (open), °C: 210/200/220

Pour point, °C: -10/-12/-15

Characteristic temperature ℃: 550/620/622

Technical Specifications: Products meet the following specifications: JB/T 13026-2017, JB/T 6955-2008, SH/T 0564-93

Product Description
VOTE L-UHA/UHB series Quenching oil is based on deeply hydrorefined mineral oil as base oil, and is carefully prepared by adding various additives such as refrigerant, antioxidant, detergent and dispersant, rust inhibitor and brightener. It is suitable for the quenching process of carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, bearing steel, spring steel, high-speed steel and other medium and low hardenability, large and medium section materials.
Product performance

Ordinary quenching oil is suitable for quenching process of alloy steel with medium and good hardenability in protective atmosphere or non-protective atmosphere in pit furnace and box furnace.

Quick quenching oil is suitable for alloy steel of large and medium cross-section, carbon steel of small size, forgings, gears, springs, bearings and other parts.

The fast bright quenching oil is suitable for the quenching process of bearing steel, tool and die steel, measuring and cutting tool steel, instruments, gears, springs, etc. with small and medium sections in a protective atmosphere.

●Ordinary quenching oil has good cooling performance and good thermal oxidation stability, and the oil has a long service life.

●Rapid quenching oil has high and medium temperature cooling speed, can fully harden parts, suitable for most alloy steels, and has a wide range of applications.

●In addition to the above properties, the fast bright quenching oil has good brightness, which can prevent the aging products formed during the quenching process from accumulating on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece after quenching is bright.

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